Thursday, April 2, 2015

Learning Facts about Pregnancy

As we all know that there are many women in every city, every county in this whole world, everyday there are many of them who are growing up, getting married, getting pregnant and also getting birth. Well, here are some kinds of facts about pregnancy that you might like to know, it is taken from different kind of sources, it is taken from the magazine, and it is taken from the newspaper and also taken from the internet. But mostly it is taken from the internet, because it is the easiest way to find this kind of sample.

You might have heard these facts on pregnancy. First, so far the longest pregnancy is lasted in a year and also 10 days. As we all know that pregnancy, normally last in about 280 days, but there is someone called as Beulah Hunter, who comes from Los Angeles experience the pregnancy over a year.  Second, pregnant women or the new mothers, they are able to lactate automatically whenever they hear baby cry, although it is not their baby. It is a natural thing that happens to every pregnant women or the new mother.

You might as well ever hear about these facts. Some people believe that the pregnant women who are suffering of the heartburn will give birth to a child that has the full hair head. Another fact during pregnancy is that the fingerprint of a baby is set within early three months pregnancy. The other fact is that the uterus of a pregnant woman is getting more than 500 times than the normal sizes this is of course during the pregnancy, and still many more kinds of facts related to the pregnancy that you can find from the people around you or sources around you. As we all know there are lots of pregnant women in this whole world so of course there are lots of facts about pregnancy that you might want to know as well.

Source : Momies Planet


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